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Truman's Bomb, Our Bomb

  1995, The Fletcher Forum of World Affairs

"The United States did not drop atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki primarily to end World War II without invading Japan, nor to threaten the Soviet Union at the threshold of the Cold War. Striving to emulate Roosevelt, desensitized by carpet bombing in Germany and Japan, provoked by the alienation between East and West, Truman felt he had to use the Bomb simply because he could not imagine doing otherwise." [Excerpt from the article]

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The ADA Imposes Burden for Lenders at Foreclosure

  1995, The Massachusetts Lawyer Weekly

Sometimes, if a bank forecloses on real estate, it must shoulder new responsibilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act - to make the building accessible to the disabled. This can be as inordinately costly as buying a place which is environmentally contaminated. What's a bank to do? This article advises lenders on how to properly address this issue, both when lending and when considering foreclosure.

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The ADA and Privately Owned Historic Facilities

  1994, The Colorado Lawyer

Society rightly values access for the disabled, recognizing that we are all benefited by universal access to buildings and places. At the same time, we also accord historic buildings special protection from modification. What happens when these needs conflict? How are they balanced? This aricle attempts to reconcile these meritorious rights.

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Discovery Made Easier by Computer

  1993, The Colorado Lawyer

Computers won't replace lawyers, but lawyers with computers will replace lawyers without them. One area of legal practice most helped by computers occurs during the preliminary discovery phase of litigation. This article outlines some of the benefits of digital discovery.

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We Didn't Get into This Ecological Fix by Lack of Technology

  1991, The New York Times

Environmental good health is a matter of our collective personal and social values and behaviors, not the cleverness of our technology. Here's what I mean.

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Lender Liabilities

  1990, New England Waste Resources: Courtroom Report

When a bank or another mortgage holder forecloses on property, they become the new owner. If the property is environmentally contaminated, responsibility for cleaning it up can be inherited along with the property. Steps can be taken to avoid this potentially disastrous problem. This article reviews some related legal and legislative developments.

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Construction without Conflict


Building owners often find the construction experience frustrating, and contractors find it stressful. However, there are many ways to prevent disputes, or harmonize disagreements once they occur. Here's how.

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